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Top 10 UV Skin Protection Tips For Active Women

1. Sunscreen

Yes.  We all know we should wear it but, for some reason, people just don’t.  There are also many people who wear sunscreen with a very low SPF and think that they are protecting themselves.  If you want to be safe, you need to buy sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or above or wear some type of UV Sun Protection Shirt.  And always reapply!

2. Rash Guard / UV Protection Swim Shirt

Once upon a time, in a land far far away these were only for surfers.  Now, they are downright cool, sexy and fashionable.  Everyone is wearing them!  They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and designs and are a great way to protect your skin and keep you looking young!  They have a HIGH SPF (Usually 50+) so your shoulders, arms and tummy are safe. They are also very figure flattering for those who are concerned about their stomach area.  If you're planning to spend a lot of time a the beach, lake or in the sun, we highly recommend picking up one for your next outing.  And don't forget to get one for your very best friend.

3.  Hats 

Hats, of course, are a great way to protect the skin on your face.  This skin is particularly susceptible to premature aging which means, to put it simply, you’ll get wrinkles.  No one wants that, PLUS hats are a great way to show off your sense of style!  Have fun with them!

4.  Shade 

When in doubt, stay in the shade.  However, do not rely on shade totally.  You should also protect yourself by other means.  There are many ways that the sun can get to you, including by reflecting off of concrete or water.

5.  Be aware that the water doesn’t protect you

There is a misconception that the water will protect you from the sun.  It will not.  Never assume that.  There are actually some parts of your body that are MORE vulnerable when you are in the water.  Wearing a UV Protective Swim Shirts is your best solution when playing in the water for long periods of time.  

6.  Be vigilant about your nose 

Your nose STICKS OUT.  For that reason, it is very likely to get overexposed to the sun. You need to apply sunscreen EVERYWHERE and often but be sure to hit your nose as much as possible.  This is one area you'll want to reapply more often when playing in the sun!

 7.  Don’t Rely on the Weather 

There is sometimes a misconception that if it is cold outside or if there are clouds in the sky, you can’t get burned.  Not true.  At all.  The sun can seep right through those clouds and, to be clear, the temperature outside has no bearing on whether the sun can still fry your fragile skin.  You need to be vigilant when snow skiing, for example, because the snow can be reflective and the high altitudes provide you with even less protection. The cold temperatures mean nothing.

8. Daily moisturizers with sunscreen

Find a daily moisturizer with sunscreen and wear it every single day.  Apply it first thing in the morning to start your day off right!

9.  Protect your ears and under part of your chin

These are often forgotten.  You assume that your ears are covered by your hair or hat and they can be overlooked. In addition, the under part of your chin can be damaged by the sun being reflected upward. 

10.  Don’t forget your feet

Again, this area is often ignored.  The tops of your feet will be exposed to the sun a great deal if you are barefoot or wearing sandals.  They are quite vulnerable.  Also, because you spend a great deal of time with your feet peeking out from under your umbrella or dangling in the water, they are very likely to get burned without you seeing it coming.